Tuesday, August 7, 2007


If you're an emailer or a blogger or you love "talking" in your favourite forum, then you're probably familiar with all those acronyms that people use. You know...like LOL or SYL. I use LOL a lot, way too much probably but I joke when I write and so I want to make sure that you (the reader) laughs at the appropriate moment. OK, now... LOL.

But this was a new one for me. LYLAS...

I belong to a group of seven. No, not the Group of Seven (I'm not nearly talented enough for that). This is a group of seven women. We've dubbed ourselves the Seven Sisters. Sometimes, when we feel it's necessary, we add an adjective in between the seven and the sisters... like silly or sleepy or senile. LOL.

Back in October some of our group went to the Ladies Retreat at Stillwood. The speaker was Moira Brown (fantastic, btw) and she told us how she learned about LYLAS. The moment was very poignant for me, since I don't have a sister. I have one brother and he's an amazing man, but he's also a man of few words. I am sure that when we were growing up, he decided he didn't need to talk because I did it for him (and then some). I am sorry to say but I grew up feeling quite jealous of any friend who had a sister.

So God, in His wonderful, mysterious wisdom decided to bless me instead with an amazing group of friends.
Wendy, Laurie-Anne, Pat, Rita and Dorothy
and the six of the Group of Seven - Joan, Carol,
Yvonne, Cindy, Rachelle & Lorraine.

To you I say LYLAS.
And to the rest of you - have you figured it out yet? LOL!


Stampinsars said...

Ok, I've linked you... now I can check your blog everyday!!! (well, once a week anyway, because I think you only post every one or two weeks, right?)

Wendy said...

okay, spill; what is LYLAS??

Dawnelle said...

LYLAS is Love ya like a sister!