Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With Glowing Hearts....

The sights & sounds, for good & for bad, surrounding the Games in Vancouver have become an integral part of our province since Jacques Rogge said those few simple words in 2003, "The International Olympic Committee has the honour of announcing that the 21st Olympic Winter Games are awarded to the city of... Vancouver." And then it all began...

VANOC became a well used word on the news, we heard everything about the planning that was going on as well as all the protesting and inevitable controversies. Then the countdown changed from years to months and it started to become real. Still I had no plans to "be there" and thought I'd just watch it on TV.

The months then dwindled down to days and an almost palpable energy began to sweep over the country and our province. If there was any question as to our country's patriotism and the pride we have in our nation, it was dispelled the night of the Opening Ceremonies. Never have I seen a more beautiful collection of Canadian images and sounds. That swell of pride became a tidal wave and swept us up in it - me included.

I am at a loss to say what happened after that. When I was in Vancouver, during the games, I watched hoardes of people, no longer strangers because they were bound together by this great thing, laughing and dancing, bursting in spontaneous choruses of O Canada, all wearing the flag and red & white, obviously awash with national pride. It was beyond what I expected and I think beyond what anyone expected.

And then it all came together with the best hockey game, I think, that Canada has ever experienced. What happened to the quiet and polite patriotism that the world expects from us? Well it sure wasn't around that night!!

The 2010 Olympics Games may not have been the best choice for our tax dollars, and that will always be up for debate, but I do know this:

The world's athletes are a shining example of courage and determination, not to mention, fitness. Maybe now we'll get off the couch and get out there and when things get rough we'll stop whining and try perserverance instead.
Our national pride has been rejuvenated and our sense of community has been restored. Maybe now we'll feel more connected to each other and be more willing to invest into the lives of our neighbours.
We've rediscovered that Canada truly is the best country in the world. Maybe now we'll stop taking it for granted.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day...

I have noticed lately that a lot of my Facebook Friends have changed their profile pictures. The idea is to post a picture of you and your significant other in honour of Valentine's Day. Since I am a "jump-on-the-band-wagon" kinda gal I, of course, had to join in. Here's mine....

That photo was taken 29 years ago (while he was visiting me at Bible School)... almost to the day. A few weeks after this was taken he proposed, on Valentine's Day. Best question he ever asked!! Best answer I ever gave! Needless to say, February 14th is one of my all time favourite sentimental days.

And so I've been blessed, with a man who loves me, despite the fact that I hate to cook, I dust only when you can write your name in it and I forget anything that I haven't written down. And I adore him regardless of his aversion to any clothing that isn't camo or plaid, his insane need to sneak up on me and scare me and for making me sleep in the back of our truck in the middle of the dark wilderness. Our marriage has had its share of heartaches but looking back on those 29 years - its been full of fun, laughter and joy. Like I said... so blessed.

So now we've entered that phase in our lives where our daughters are grown. Not long ago "men" started coming into our house and finding excuses to stick around and it seems that two of them have perservered, gotten past the whole "yes my dad owns many rifles" tactic that he tried and, to our great joy, they have decided that they want to join our family and be in it for the long haul.

There is nothing like seeing your child happy and in love. I pray that God will bless them and give them joy, happiness and adventures as they start counting the years.

Happy Valentine's Day!!