Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Do you Facebook?

OK, I admit it. Yesterday I signed up for Facebook. I really tried hard to stay away... really, I did. I valiantly resisted the urge to go into that cyber world of Super Walls, Photo Albums and Friend Poking. I am weak.

A few minutes after I joined up. I received three postings on my "wall."
  • my daughter, Eleah, said..."You know Dad will find out eventually."
  • my daughter, Jenna said... "Mom, you are going to get addicted to Facebook...and when do you have time for this?
  • my computer-whiz cousin, Kevin said... "Welcome to the Dark Side."

Very funny.

And then the most wonderful thing happened. Through Facebook I reconnected with another cousin. I haven't spoken to her in over a year and I missed our weekly email chats. I didn't know what had happened to her, her emails just stopped and I was getting a little worried. We had a wonderful little "talk" yesterday and now I know where she's at. Big relief.

So today I am thanking God for the internet. Yes, there is all that stuff that can clutter our lives... chat rooms, forums, pop-ups and spam. I know I have to be so careful not to let it take over. But if used right it can be a powerful instrument to explore the world. Yesterday it helped me find my friend.


Wendy England said...

I know what you mean; I avoided joining facebook for a long time, but finally, requests from friends prevailed, and against my better judgment, I added another time-addiction to my life! Now, here I sit, wondering "where DOES the time go??" and knowing it is my own doing. Oh well, I guess there could be worse things than keeping connected with friends :)

Stampinsars said...

I'm not on facebook... don't think I can afford the time. But my sister is, and she found a friend for me that I haven't seen or heard of since I sang at her wedding over 12 years ago. It was so great to talk to her on the phone and hear about what's going on in her life. Like you said, she just dropped off the face of the earth and even people that had been super close to had no clue where she was. So, yes, there are many good things about Facebook... but it is addicting too (so I hear!)

Louise said...

"My name is Louise and I'm on facebook!" Just discovered your blog via Sarah's & wanted to say that I quite enjoyed your writing - especially your very first entry (felt like I could've written some parts of it myself)

Anonymous said...

Too funny...after reading Sarah and
Louise's comment I have to leave a
comment too...Even though mine will be half a year later...I have enjoyed reading your blog...Happy New Year! Eli