Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Me and my Village

I am a mom.

I have thought about that sentence a lot since last Sunday. Sometimes it kind of takes me by surprise. I guess part of me feels like I'm still just the daughter.

It made me wonder too, how did I do? How have I been in my Mom job?
My girls have turned out to be strong and motivated. Beautiful and gracious. They face daily struggles and face them without complaint or blaming. I really don't think I can take much credit for this. My mom skills are sadly lacking in many areas. I strongly dislike (my mom taught me not to use the word 'hate') cooking, grocery shopping is definitely at the bottom of my "things I love to do" list and I was the worst school mom ever. I didn't join the PAC and Sports Day made me shiver. I did do some things right. I taught them manners and how to make friends. They have the best memories of our trips to Disneyland and their scrapbooks are magazine worthy. And I have prayed for them every day.

Yes, as a parent, you are the biggest influence in your child's life. But what about all those other people that God brings to them? The Sunday School teachers and Youth Pastors? The Camp Counsellors and the best friends? The generous uncles and aunts and the loving grandparents? I know they have all had a hand in moulding my girls into what they are today.

I really think that the old African proverb, "It takes a whole village to raise a child" has quite a bit of truth to it. So I want to say thank you to my "village". I truly couldn't have done this job without you.

But that won't stop me from having just a little proud mom moment.


kfroese said...

not to take away from the sincerity of your entry, which was very good by the way, but when i first glanced at the title it made me laugh because i associated it with a much different proverb ... "Somewhere there's a village that's missing their idiot".

Dawnelle said...

LOL!!! Sounds like another Blog to me! You should write that one... I'd love to read your take on that!

Sarah said...

That was great Dawnelle. And I think you have 3 wonderful and beautiful daughters. You have done a great job... and you are still doing a great job everyday! Love how you added that their scrapbooks are magazine worthy! I believe it!!!!

Wendy J. said...

That was very well written, I too am very thankful for the all the loving input that was added to my children's lives.

Louise said...

Beautiful!!! Makes me think of a friend who is an amazing mom of five and is currently battling cancer at the age of 31 - she too enjoys scrapbooking and making albums for her kids and we were joking one day (years ago) that as the kids fight & the house falls apart we can yell, "behave... I'M MAKING MEMORIES FOR YOU!" Dishes and laundry are what I despise :)