Friday, March 16, 2007

Everything I Learned From Washing Dishes

For the past three Thursdays Tony & I have been washing the dishes for the Marriage Course Dinner at our Church. I told him, "It will be fun" and he agreed to it, though he wasn't too sure about the "fun" part.

After three weeks this is what I know for sure:
  • Our church dishwasher rocks - I want one just like it.
  • My husband is a much better cleaner than he has let on.
  • Apricot stuffed ham is so yummy.
  • The care groups in our church are simply amazing... I've never seen so many happy, willing people in the kitchen.
  • Serving others is so good for your heart.
  • We're signed up for next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawnelle:
I have been trying to send info to other bloggers and haven't managed this yet - so here goes on yours. I see that I have to choose how I send this - maybe that's been my problem.

Anyway - this is a test.

Lorraine Dick

Anonymous said...

I see that's what it was :)

Anyway Now I can go back to the others and send lots of replies and comments. And by the way where is Stuart's?