Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Angels Unaware

By now most of the people living in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia know about the floor collapsing during a Christian concert at Central Heights church. About 40 people fell through the floor to the and scaffolding and pews crashing on top of them. They are saying it is a miracle that no one was killed... it could have been so much worse. Except for three people, most walked away with just minor injuries.

I was out of town that Friday night... and my two oldest daughters were at that concert.

When Eleah told me what happened to her and her best friend, Maggie, that night, it opened my eyes to a unseen world that I know exists but, I have to admit, I don't really think about.

The Starfield Concert was Maggie's birthday present. The two of them had been looking forward to it for so long and no one was more excited to see her favourite band than Maggie. The first song had barely started when the two of them made their way down to the front. (I personally don't get why the concert is better if you jump around during it, but then apparently I'm old! lol) It didn't take long and Eleah started to become anxious. She told Maggie that she wanted them to go back to their seats. Maggie said no.... she wanted to stay up front. That was when Eleah started getting upset with her. "I want to go back," she said, very forcefully. "I'm going back!" Now, you have to understand that my daughter is one of the most complacent people on the planet. She never rocks the boat and is a people pleaser. This was completely out of character for her. It was then that Maggie realized... Eleah never does this, maybe I should pay attention. They turned to go and had just started walking back when the floor gave way.

I really don't know what to say about this other than my being is filled with gratitude. Was it an angel tugging at her? Was it the Holy Spirit? I would love to know. I think that we would be awed and amazed at the battles that are being fought and won on our behalf.

We live each day in happy oblivion while miracles happen at our feet.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In the Beginning God Created....

Eleah and I went geocaching last Saturday in Derby Reach Park. We were making our way down to the bottom of a ravine just as the sun was starting to set. That's when I noticed these 'strange creatures' coming up all over the place and I couldn't help but take a picture or two! They were just so cute! They looked like a bunch of little green people coming up from the ground.

It was right then that I wished that I could have been there when God was creating the earth so I could ask him all the questions that I have. Why did he decide to make just these ferns come up like this?
(Someone, somewhere started calling them fiddleheads.) Was it just for me, just so I could enjoy this tiny moment in my life? He could have chose to make every plant the same. Every bird look like a robin. Every animal look like a cow.
He could have made the whole earth look like the prairies (I'm not saying that's a bad thing! lol) and we would have never known the difference.

Instead he made the world with mind-blowing variety, eco-systems so diverse that most of the time it just leaves me speechless and full of thankfulness. And questions.