Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm supposed to be working....

I'm supposed to be working. Shhhhh...

But here I am blogging in the church office and technically this is work since I am in charge of our soon-to-be Blog website and all our new bloggers. I am very excited about this new ministry that we're undertaking and all the people who have agreed to "blog" are so talented, I'm sure everyone will enjoy what they have written so far.

I've got to say that it's exciting to be here at this job - to be able to see and hear all around this place. The upstairs is busy with running little feet at the Preschool, the parents busily coming and going. I hear the laughter coming from the fireside room as the women have their Monday Morning Bible Study, Jennifer is huffing at her computer (though she does her job with a joyful heart I'm sure) and Wes was just in here chatting with us both.

There's a feeling of excitement around here. Of things past and wonderful things to come. I know I am right where God wants me to be. And now I'd better get back to work.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Time Flies....

Tomorrow is a special day for my husband and me. Tomorrow it will be exactly 26 years ago that he proposed. How can that be? I remember when my parents celebrated their "Silver Wedding." They were old.
How on earth did time slip away so quickly? How can it be that I have a child who is 23?
I don't feel old. Honestly, I feel like I'm still 18. I enjoy so many things and I feel like there is so much I still want to do. So many places left to explore. I wish that I could just hold on to time and make it stand still for a little bit.
I guess there really is some truth to the adage: "Time flies when you're having fun." It has been an amazing, thrilling, wonderful ride with just a few unexpected bumps along the way.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Welcome & Let Me Explain.

I know, I know.... the first thing you're wondering is "Why on earth did she name her blog "Have We Got Any Peanuts?" Well.... here's the story.

This sentence describes me and my husband and our relationship to a T.

We were sitting watching a movie (a chick flick he would say) and the moment was intense, the climactic ending to a heart-wrenching story. I am weeping with emotion, not a few tears mind you, but weeping, into my soggy tissue, when my dear, dear, completely-devoid-of-any-sentiment husband turns to me and says... "Have we got any peanuts?" I looked at him like "Are you kidding me? Are you watching the same movie as me?" and he looked at me like "What?"

That moment has become the defining moment of our marriage. It happened years ago and we still laugh about it and talk about it. It has become his sentence of choice when I am sad... he uses it whenever he can see that I am becoming overcome with emotion. It lightens the moment. Because, you see, I am the most sentimental, weepy person on the planet. To quote Dolly Parton... "No one cries alone in my presence." That's me. I cry during movies, I cry at commercials, I cry when someone wins a car on the Price Is Right. In the past 25 years he has had to learn to deal with me and my emotions... this man who could be Grizzly Adams the second. I on the other hand have learned to be a little tougher and a little less sentimental. It's funny, but we both think that the other has been the one to change.

So that's it in a nutshell (pardon the pun). One sentence that reminds me to lighten up. One sentence that reminds him to tread softly. One sentence that tells the both of us to not take life too seriously.... we're only visiting this planet.

Welcome to my Blog.